William Hepburns Tropospheric Ducting Forcast
This page gives you the week aheads tropo forcasts giving you an idea of the possibility of lifts on VHF,UHF and
The URL is www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_eur.html should you wish to leave this site
To the RSGB website
Love them or loath them the RSGB are the official voice of Amateur radio in the UK. This is the link to their
website which gives a lot of information about AR and it also has a shop which includes coursework
books for those studying for the various AR licence levels
. Click the logo for their website
The URL is
www.rsgb.org should you wish to leave this site
                                      Ofcom are the official body for Amateur Radio in the UK.
                                    Here you can find all the relevent information for Amateur radio including licence conditions and
a whole lot more. You will also need to sign in to this website to maintain your licence for life as it is now done
on-line. I recommend bookmarking this site for easy access in the future
licence for life here | application for a new licence | general info | prosecutions 2005/6 |   
To the BRATS website
One of the best on-line websites teaching the syllabus of Amateur radio at all three levels of
licence. Full coursework material and free of charge. Click the link to the left to go to the
BRATS Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society or cut and paste the URL if you wish to
leave this site
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