Amateur Radio in the United Kingdom currently has three licence levels which are FOUNDATION, INTERMEDIATE and FULL(Advanced)
If you are interested in becoming a Radio Amateur this page will explain the three different levels of courses available and a short explanation of what is
This is the entry level to Amateur
radio. This course, on average,
lasts approximately 10 hours but is
really dependant on the learning
capability/knowledge of the
individual candidate.

The examination consists of two
1/ A practical assessment which is
done on your training course which
includes a Morse appreciation test,
how to tune a radio to an SSB
signal and a few other little tasks
including a quick 'talk on air' under
the direct supervision of your
2/ The written exam which is a tick
box questionnaire of 26 questions.
You only need to get 18 correct to
gain a pass.

The exam lasts 45 minutes and
will cost you £27.50

Once passed you may use up to  
10W transmit power
The Intermediate course takes off
where the Foundation course left
off although it does refer back to
topics previously learnt. The
course takes longer than the
Foundation but this depends on
the learning capability and prior
knowledge of the candidate. This
course will also include the
building of a simple project but is
quite easy. The course looks more
into theory and licence conditions
than previously but Morse no
longer comes into it. The exam
consists of 45 questions, tick box
answers and you need 27 correct
for a pass.

The exam lasts 75 minutes and
will cost you £32.50

Once passed you may use up to
50W transmit power
This is the highest level of Licence in
the UK. It is a culmination of the
Foundation and Intermediate
courses plus a lot more technical
detail about all aspects of Amateur
Radio. The course on this lasts for
approximately 6 months or whatever
pace suits you. The exam is different
on this level. On the Foundation and
Intermediate you are marked after
the exam and know straight away if
you have passed or failed. With the
Full exam it has to be sent away to
be marked and you will be waiting for
a few weeks for your results. They
have to be taken at specific times of
the year unlike the first two levels
which can be taken at any time.
At the moment I believe you need an
80% correct answer ratio to pass the

The exam lasts for 120 minutes
and will cost you £37.50

Once passed you may use up to
400W transmit power
To the BRATS online website
For an excellent on-line website with syllabus and coursework information on all three licence levels I recommend
you visit the BRATS website. Everthing you need to know is on there and is free to view.
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