Fancy a clock you can set to UCT/GMT or any other time around
the world? Click on the picture to the right and you can get the
html code to put on your website or QRZ.com

The direct URL for this is
Fancy a Flag Counter? you can put the html code on your website or QRZ.com
so whenever someone clicks on your site a flag will be added on your page from
the country they are viewing from. It can be very interesting to see which countries
are interested in you and it also gives you an idea of who is listening to you on air
if the listener types in your details on QRZ.com

The direct URL for this is
Fancy a Morse Code Translator? I know, if you are really interested in Morse
code you will learn it, and it takes a long time and a lot of practice to become
proficient. In the meantime, if you have a curiousity as to what that strange
noise is on the bands then download the tool and have a listen.

The download is on this site on the Morse page (see list to the left)
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